Here I go again!

I dusted off my sneakers and started on this journey again this week. I recently rejoined the gym I enjoy that my Zumba mentor teaches at. I am feeling positive about making the changes necessary to get back on track. This week I am focusing on getting motivation for cardio. I started the week off with Monday Zumba. Today I am going to do 40 minutes on the elliptical. That is 10 minutes more than I usually do. I would like to get my body to burn fat over carbs so I should aim for 40-50 minutes of cardio at a time.  When I start losing more and putting on muscle again, I can keep the sweet spot around 40 minutes. Tomorrow I will be back at my Zumba with a rest on Thursday.

I am not cracking down on my diet just yet. I am being more mindful of my sugar intake and I have started replacing a meal with a protein shake. I always add frozen or fresh fruit to my shakes unless I am adding whey to coffee. That way I am not only getting a meals worth of calories but I am also adding nutrients and fiber.  I am also aiming to have 2 hemp protein shakes a week.  I am not a huge fan of the taste or texture but it is packed full of complete protein, antioxidants, and fiber. It works wonders for the digestive system.

The holidays are terrible for diets in general so that is why I am not going full blast on the diet aspect. I ultimately would like to cut my sugar back considerably and add more vegetable based options. I lose weight best on a Mediterranean food based carb cycle type diet (yes, I believe no one diet is ideal. Sometimes you need to combine information to come up with the best option for yourself). On that diet, even high carb days are not very high in carbs at all. I do tend to go into ketosis at 50g of carbs or less so once the Christmas season is over, I can be more regimented in diet. I am looking forward to losing the 30lbs I gained and then smashing my goal of losing 100lbs by summer!


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