Mentally preparing myself

Instead of beating myself up in this post like I usually do, I am going to focus on what I am planning to make myself more successful in the future.  The past month has been a whirlwind. I have been dealing with challenges of parenting a child with behavioral special needs, adjusting to a temporary schedule change that will benefit my household in the long run, and running a household on no energy.  I have wanted to get my butt into gear but I have a hard time with the follow through. I certainly have the motivation, just not the time or energy.

I have had to wake up very early to take my boyfriend to work and then I come right home and get ready for work. I am going to start packing a bag so that I can sneak a workout in before or after my shift on these days. That way I am ready to go and I don’t have the excuse that I am not prepared.  I am also going to get my kids and boyfriend involved in some of my activities like hiking or family sports.

I desperately miss zumba. I am happier when I dance. My mentor works out of a gym that is very expensive and even though I went 4-6 times a week when I was a member, I can’t swing that membership fee at the moment. I work at a great gym. I need to take advantage of the resources that are available to me. I will just have to wait to figure out getting into Maria’s classes.  Until then I will just have to find a few drop in classes somewhere.

My eating habits have been pretty healthy since I lost most of the weight. I still struggle with sugar and getting a good balance of nutrients. I have found this week that instead of a coffee loaded with added sugar, I like to make a coffee shake. I combine decaf coffee, chocolate whey powder, a banana and ice together. It is plenty sweet and keeps me full until lunch. It would also work with strawberries because I love to add berry flavor to my coffee. Mary Lou’s makes a strawberry shortcake coffee that is out of this world but also very naughty! Shakes will help me cut down a lot. I need to stop letting myself eat tootsie rolls at work and watch popsicles and other sugary drinks and I should be ok.

Shakes have always worked for me when I am focused on losing.  There are so many combinations so you never get bored. I am very lucky to have inherited some strawberry Shakeology. The brand is loaded with antioxidants and all sorts of good for you things but I have to scale back the scoops because it definitely helps your tummy a little too much at first. (I have an evil digestive system). I think I would like chocolate or vanilla more than strawberry but it isn’t bad.

I am working on planning meals out and carb cycling. Planning helps a lot so I don’t binge in the afternoon which I am prone to doing. Hopefully next week I can be back on track to being back in “one-derland”,


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  1. ShyorjustSociallyAwkward says:

    I agree on planning meals. When I bring a lunch I eat better and snack less. Good luck with your workouts, I would definitely take advantage of having gym access during your breaks.


    1. fluffytofoxy says:

      I don’t get a long break during the day but I do have some time before or after a shift to sneak something into my schedule.


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