If you plan it, results will come…

Planning can be your best tool to success. I have heard the saying “fail to plan. Plan to fail” and it has become a personal motto. I have found that when I lay out the tasks in front of me that I am able to follow through with them much better. It gives me a visual representation of what needs to be done and I can hold myself more accountable.  I find it hard to stick to my plans more often than I want to admit. I always make some excuse and have to start over again. I can’t explain why I have such a hard time with it but I assume that I can’t be the only person that struggles with planning so I have decided to talk a little about what I have done to achieve results.

Meal Planning

80% of weight loss happens in the kitchen. It is easy to grab a quick snack only to end up eating half a bag of chips (keeping them out of the house is not an option for me right now so willpower is key). I recommend planning out your breakfast and lunches in advance. That way you are aware of what you will be requiring for your nutritional needs throughout the week. Make as many of these meals as you can ahead of time.  This will save time in the long run and you won’t have to figure out what your next meal will be.  Many towns have meal prep services to take the guesswork out of it. If you an afford to spend a little extra money to gain a lot of time and sanity,

https://www.primedandreadymeals.com/ operates near me and they deliver some of the most delicious healthy meals you can get made for you. The owner Bobby is wonderful. He is committed to helping people achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The menu is always evolving and feedback is always taken into consideration. I highly recommend them.

I also suggest cutting up fresh fruits and veggies and putting them right where you can see them in the fridge. This ensures that you will always have a healthy option on hand. When you put them in the drawer, they often get forgotten about. Keeping carby snacks in individual baggies will prevent you from overeating items out of the package.

Fitness Planning

I can not say enough good things about keeping a small notebook with you at all times. I like to plan my workouts ahead and they are always available to me when I need them. It helps me stay accountable and I find entering information into my phone can be tedious.  I can also use extra pages to make any lists I need to keep my focus on track. If you can keep a binder with you, it could be even better. You could print out different exercises to keep available wen you need them.

Planning is essential to keeping yourself on track. You will see better results.  It is easier to fall back to old habits when you are not keeping track of your progress. It is also great to see how far you have come and all the steps you have made to get there!


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